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  2. Looking to move some shoes from my collection, all DS

    1. UltraBOOST 3.0 Multi Color, size 11 – $235
    2. EQT Cushion ADV EU, size 10.5 – $240
    3. EQT Cushion ADV US, size 11 – $220
    4. NMD_R1 Japan Triple Black, size 11 – $220
    5. Flyknit Trainer Pale Grey, size 11 – $160
    6. Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0 Air Max day, size 10.5 -$130
    7. UltraBOOST Mid ATR Green, size 11 – $320
    8. Air Max 97 Skepta, size 10 – $220
    9. Air Max 97 Skepta, size 11 – $240

    Located in Southern California (Orange County). Can ship, add shipping and fees. Shoot me some offers if interested!

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