[Advice] Was my Nomos opened up before I bought it?

Hey guys, I bought a new Nomos Metro a month ago from a local AD. I love the watch, but I’ve noticed a couple of oddities that are making me think the watch has been opened up prior to me buying it. What do you guys think? The first point is that there looks to be a small piece of …

[LF] Name of these Nike Air Max 95s?

So I listen to scarlxrd and I saw him wearing Air Max 95s and I couldnt find them anywhere. So if anyone could help by putting the name or where to buy that would be very helpful. **Here are some pictures to help** : https://gyazo.com/935497b15df3a265ea10e5671c37fbe2 https://gyazo.com/8461f7c2c2b9e2e4b114b2218b6ce798 View Reddit by Mendetta – View Source