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  1. So this week finally it arrived. I was planning on this one for a while. This is my first Seiko, it’s an automatic cal 4R35 .

    Firstly I was looking for something along the line of the Tudor ranger heritage look, but on a quite tight budget. I was looking a lot on write-ups on WUS, and started in the direction of SARG011 but it turned out its hard to get by one here in Europe, but found this presage which is doing the job nicely.

    It has the four Arabic numeral dial, red second hand. The hours hand is rather usual, not resembling the ranger one. Still overall I thought it’s close enough.

    My only smaller problem is that the luminescent part is not including the numbers.

    I’m looking for replacing the simple black leather strap with something brown, the alternative strap already on the way.

    Overall it has the field watch feeling, 41.5mm without crown, clear face, easy to read, luminescence is good even even if not as good as I expected from Seiko.

    Also missing the AR coating. No other complaint. I think I’ll love it on a brown strap.

  2. I really like the Presage line. I got 2 Presages myself, an Urushi and an Enamel. The line really does a good job in showing that Seiko, and Japanese watches in general, really do stand up against Swiss counterparts and can make a really nice mechanical time piece. I wish they are more accessible in US.

    Nice piece you got there. The 4R35 is a good solid movement. Keeps pretty good time, and is pretty much bulletproof. I have nothing but good experience with the movement, as it powers my Samurai, and its brother the 4R36, which powers my Turtle. wear it in good health.

  3. This watch looks awesome! I’m also a big fan of the ranger but it’s not in my price range!

    I can’t seem to find this model with the Arabic numerals online (amazon etc). Where did you buy it? Any chance you can link me to the site (if bought online).

    Edit: found it. Was searching the wrong model number!

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