Silver & gold styling?

Hi all. Hopefully this doesn’t sound like a stupid question or something, but I’m fairly “new” to fashion — I only recently began to think/care about what I wear after getting super interested in sneakers.

Anyway — is it a big no-no to wear silver and gold together?

More specifically, I have [this Gucci crossbody bag with a gold chain]( But I also own a silver Apple Watch (with a black band). Would it be a bad choice to wear those together, or is it too small of a detail to care?

Also, I have [these Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullets](×450.jpg). Would this shoe + the purse also be a frowned-upon combination? I don’t really know what the deal is today with silver + gold mixing, so apologies if these questions are kind of dumb lol.

Hope to hear your opinions/responses, thanks!

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